In addition to regulating rules of the state, Bright Bridge Web has the following stipulations regarding their terms of service to protect client and business confidentiality, guarantee payment, and provide security. 


  1. As a policy Bright Bridge Web will keep clients confidentiality and will not compete with clients. There are cases when we have clients who compete with other clients, in these rare cases we will never disclose intellectual property from one client to another.
  2. Bright Bridge Web will safeguard servers, credentials, and admin access rights with the utmost security. Bright Bridge will not be held accountable if a server is compromised.
  3. Bright Bridge Web withholds the right to discontinue work with any clients who shows measurable dishonesty or misconduct with our core company values 
  4. If payment is withheld for any reason, Bright Bridge Web holds the right to discontinue further work and hold code.
  5. Meetings may be recorded on occasion from the Bright Bridge Web team for quality assurance and documentation.
  6. Bright Bridge Web works hourly and does not offer refunds for time worked and recorded with our screenshot and efficiency monitors.
  7. Bright Bridge Web will not engage in any illegal or immoral conduct on behalf of clients or 3rd parties.
  8. Clients of Bright Bridge are to not bribe Bright Bridge employees nor hire Bright Bridge employees externally to the company. Clients of Bright Bridge recognize that doing either would cause Bright Bridge irreparable harm that a dollar amount could not be assigned to in a court of law.
  9. To ensure that only the utmost level of work results are manifested, Bright Bridge Web holds the right to share development ideas and suggestions where they may be beneficial to a project’s overall design and conformity with industry standards.
  10. Though the Bright Bridge Team may build various applications for other clients in any of their respective fields, Bright Bridge will never compete with any application or disclose intellectual property but rather only promote and uplift the application and model in its’ respective space. All Bright Bridge employees have signed a non compete disclosure clause as part of the Bright Bridge Employee Handbook to reinforce this value of trust and respect.
  11. All the code and intellectual property developed as a service from Bright Bridge Web on behalf of Client  belongs to Client and will be handed over as requested as long as Bright Bridge Web has been paid all outstanding invoices.


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