Framework Options and Information

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Python Django

Much faster custom coding than PHP or JavaScript based frameworks.

More About Python Django

The code is indent based on the backend forcing standardization and preventing spaghetti code especially following pep8 guidelines.

Supports all python packages and can also hybrid with most front-end frameworks if necessary.

Works great with databases and eliminates in-efficiencies in data base administration.

Support functionality beyond most other frameworks including artificial intelligence.

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It is the fastest/cheapest framework that can still build a industry standard design.

More About Wordpress

It is capable of far more logic than the other site builders out there such as Wix.

It is easily maintainable with a built in admin dashboard.

Plugin updates and conflicts can cause downtime and headache for any site that is more than informational

It does not rank as well as Django/Python on search engines and it has limitations to what logic it can do

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PHP Based Frameworks

The right php frameworks can handle most logic and can pair well with JS frameworks on the front-end.

More About PHP Based Frameworks

Very capable of most types of logic with vast support.

Slower development speed

Most PHP frameworks are not recommended for new sites though a few such as Laravel and Symfony are still viable options for new projects today.

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React Native

React Native is capable of building out powerful mobile apps in a single build.

More About React Native

Handles front end app development wonderfully.

Can transform web apps into a mobile app store version leveraging web views.

Capable of almost any logic that can be done natively.

We still do builds in Swift and Java for people who want to or are required to build their app natively.

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Allows for fast industry standard and mobile enabled site styling.

More About Bootstrap

One of the most used and supported styling frameworks on the web.

It allows for rapid theme creation, quick asset linking, screen size compatibility, and more.

We can use just certain elements of it and certain elements of other resources as it is a library meant to be customized

Just a little bit heavier than some of the other options though with a good server this is not notice-able.

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Other Frameworks

We know many more frameworks beyond those listed here. Such as most JS, PHP, and Python based frameworks.

Please feel free to message us if you have questions regarding any other framework, language, skill, or tool.

More Frameworks We Know

Please feel free to message us at and ask us any questions about these frameworks or other frameworks you are interested in.

JavaScript, Node,js, React, Angular, Java, Sails.js, IOS - Swift, Android, HTML/CSS, Big Commerce, Wix, Weebly, Square Space, Shopify, Most all database types, Most all server types, Most all console command types, Most all commonly used developer APIs.

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